Aston Martin Virage Hire

This is a new Aston Martin and it revives the Virage name. Fortunately it looks nothing like the old Virage, but some will be disappointed that it looks very much the DB9 on which it’s based. So what is it? Well, it neatly plugs the gap between the sauve DB9 and the sightly unhinged DBS and also ushers in improvements in refinement learnt from the Rapide project. You get gorgeous GT car with a 6.0-litre V12 pushing out 490bhp, capable of 186mph and 0-62mph in 4.6 seconds – it only comes with the Touchtronic 2 automatic transmission, but of course there are paddles for proper manual shifting when the mood takes you.

Our verdict:
The Virage is great fun: more exciting and more refined than the DB9 and much more subtle than the slightly gaudy DBS. You might wonder when Aston will really show a new generation of styling, but you can hardly argue with the evolutionary approach when it yields results as good as the Virage.  

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